Shade Sails


Creating outdoor shade based on basic technology as a ship’s sail is done using a device called shade sail, which uses a flexible membrane tensioned between several anchor points. They are usually installed permanently and are often cheap and easy to set up. They are often provided above public gathering places such as huge grounds where events like birthday parties, weddings, and bridal showers are arranged in an open space. Market offers different varieties of shade sails, also outdoor umbrellas in Melbourne services provide the shades of your choice at your doorstep.

Where can shade sails be installed

Installing shade sails can be advantageous in different areas of use:

Installing pool shade covers is a good idea to protect yourself and your family from dangerous UV rays when they are enjoying a refreshing dip in the pool.

Shade sails are an ideal solution to provide shade to your patio area.

Parking shade covers installed outside hospitals, schools, and offices can properly protect vehicles from the sun as the cars are usually parked outside for hours in the day time.

Kids can now spend more time in the playground with no need for parents to worry that they will get too hot or suffer from different skin diseases from excessive sun exposure. Installing shade sails in playgrounds mean more fun time outside without suffering from sun exposure. Visit for waterproof shade sails.

Restaurant shade covers give restaurants a chance to provide more space for their customers to let them get a good view and bask in a great outdoor atmosphere.

Rooftop shade covers help you use commercial or residential rooftops comfortably whenever you want to stand on high ground to see everything around you.

Mall shade covers; having some shaded areas outside malls can do wonders to attract more customers as well, which can then benefit the business and increase sales as the result.

Types of shade sails

Following are the different type of shade sails used:

Umbrella shaped garden shades are ideal to be installed in gardens.

Patio shade sails are economical to install and protect you and your family from harmful rays of the sun. waterproof shades are also available to prove beneficial in rainy season.

Portable shade sails are also available in market for the purpose of having a picnic in an open space like around a lakeside etc.

Free standing shade is perfect for a specific area that needs covering up such as a car park and can be used in both commercial and residential properties.

Connected shades are used in areas like entryway or veranda. They are installed by connecting the shade sail to existing poles around the property. This way you will not need any additional structures to hold them upright.


Whether it’s a birthday party outside in the ground, family tea in the patio area or swimming below an open sky, protection from harmful sun rays is provided by using shade sails that are economical and easy to install.